The CIO Mandate for Secure Cloud Transformation

Join me and Nathan from Zscaler in this webinar The new way of work is remote, mobile-first, and cloud-based. Employees expect instant, secure access to applications, information, and resources. Meanwhile, threats proliferate, VPNs lag, hardware costs rise, and little is truly secure. Hub-and-spoke networks employing castle-and-moat security are no longer tenable, and technology leaders thatContinue reading “The CIO Mandate for Secure Cloud Transformation”

Three Ways ZTNA Protects Against Ransomware in 2020…and Beyond Ransomware is now using popular remote access VPNs as a Trojan horse to gain access to enterprise networks. This is frustrating for IT teams that are being asked to enable mobility for their users. Unfortunately, the technology they invested in to protect their business has been rendered obsolete. We understand. We’ve helped hundreds ofContinue reading “Three Ways ZTNA Protects Against Ransomware in 2020…and Beyond”

Computer World Keynote BlackCloud

I will be the keynote speaker at this years Computer World Security Conference in Denmark, both Copenhagen and Aarhus, come along and find out how BlackCloud can protect the enterprise. January 28th in Aarhus at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Margrethepladsen 1 8000 Århus C January 30th in Copenhagen Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport Ellehammervej 20 2770Continue reading “Computer World Keynote BlackCloud”

ComputerWorld Interview

Check out the computer world article Below you will find some quotes from my side Earlier, security was built around the idea of building a perimeter around the . Like a defensive wall. This is how we used to think security. With a firewall on the outside and then set up some rules for whatContinue reading “ComputerWorld Interview”

theCUBE Interview with Peter Burris

I spoke spoke with Peter Burris (@plburris), host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio, at theCUBE’s studio in Palo Alto, California. We discussed how Zscaler Inc. transformed MAN’s infrastructure into a dark space, as well as the security benefits of application-centric access controls.

BlackCloud, The Internet is going dark – CIO Europe Article The idea of making the internet or corporate network dark has gained momentum since the introduction of Software Defined Networking (SDN). This has enabled a new concept called Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) or what some are referring to as BlackCloud. This concept has the effect of making application’s invisible (dark) and only accessible byContinue reading “BlackCloud, The Internet is going dark – CIO Europe Article”

Secure Cloud Transformation – The Book

I am honored to be one of the Contributors to this great book. A real-world narrative for building the future in a cloud-first world Secure Cloud Transformation tells the stories of how forward-thinking enterprises achieve scalable growth with direct, secure connectivity. The cloud has transformed how we work: We connect to resources from any device,Continue reading “Secure Cloud Transformation – The Book”

Why Darknet is Good for the Enterprise and Your Private Apps

This post was co-authored by Nathan Howe, ZPA Architect at Zscaler, and Tony Fergusson, IT Infrastructure Architect at MAN Energy Solutions The Darknet might sound like Batman’s Batcave network, but in fact it can serve as a means of decoupling network access from private applications.