Secure Cloud Transformation – The Book

I am honored to be one of the Contributors to this great book. A real-world narrative for building the future in a cloud-first world

Secure Cloud Transformation tells the stories of how forward-thinking enterprises achieve scalable growth with direct, secure connectivity.

The cloud has transformed how we work: We connect to resources from any device, from anywhere, via access that is fast, direct, and so reliable we take it for granted. But that attractive productivity ideal challenges IT leaders, who must enhance business agility, adopt cloud applications and infrastructure, and accommodate greater traffic volumes, all without compromising security.

Through interviews with 16 progressive IT leaders from industry, Secure Cloud Transformation reveals their transformation experience and journeys. They are CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and architects from organizations that are blazing new trails as they transition their IT operations to the cloud. In this first-hand anthology, they provide actionable guidance on what pitfalls to avoid and what steps to take for a smooth transition to the modern era of cloud computing.

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