The CIO Mandate for Secure Cloud Transformation

Join me and Nathan from Zscaler in this webinar The new way of work is remote, mobile-first, and cloud-based. Employees expect instant, secure access to applications, information, and resources. Meanwhile, threats proliferate, VPNs lag, hardware costs rise, and little is truly secure. Hub-and-spoke networks employing castle-and-moat security are no longer tenable, and technology leaders thatContinue reading “The CIO Mandate for Secure Cloud Transformation”

Three Ways ZTNA Protects Against Ransomware in 2020…and Beyond Ransomware is now using popular remote access VPNs as a Trojan horse to gain access to enterprise networks. This is frustrating for IT teams that are being asked to enable mobility for their users. Unfortunately, the technology they invested in to protect their business has been rendered obsolete. We understand. We’ve helped hundreds ofContinue reading “Three Ways ZTNA Protects Against Ransomware in 2020…and Beyond”


This years Key Note Speaker, Tony Fergusson knows how important Digital Transformation is to a company. It’s a matter of survival. Tony Fergusson is an Infrastructure architect, working with many technologies within the Enterprise with a focus on the Security. Tony has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has been recently focusingContinue reading “RANTEK PERFORMANCE DAY 2017, MAY 18, THE BLACK DIAMOND, COPENHAGEN”

Black Cloud, how the internet is going dark

The number of open listening ports on the internet is around 185 million (  This means there is plenty of opportunity to exploit these open services, as it is now possible to scan the entire internet in under 1 hour for a particular port (service) (  Can we somehow hide open ports (services) on theContinue reading “Black Cloud, how the internet is going dark”

Application Delivery Controllers the Swiss Army Knife

The Application Delivery Controller continues to increase market share in the enterprise networking space, but I’m not sure everyone understands the value of this device, and why this network component has become an important part of the enterprise.   The most common task of an ADC is load balancing, and not that long ago most of these devices were called loadContinue reading “Application Delivery Controllers the Swiss Army Knife”

End of an Era for VPN?

The legacy method of granting users access to applications in the enterprise is to extend the network perimeter to the client. This is achieved by routing the traffic between the client and the network edge in one secure tunnel. This approach poses a security risk as the user usually has full access to all networkContinue reading “End of an Era for VPN?”

A World without the Security Perimeter

The Enterprise IT landscape is changing with the adoption of mobility and cloud services, and enterprises need to change their architecture to meet the growing needs of securing users from anywhere on any device. Join in and be inspired by mobile security session at the Nordic Security Conference in Stockholm. Nordic ITSecurity 2016 Program TheContinue reading “A World without the Security Perimeter”