Your trusted IT Security Advisor making sure you can do business securely on the new corporate network, the internet.  Technology has evolved at a phenomenal rate, with cloud computing driving this amazing digital transformation that is enabling businesses to grow. But what about security, how has this evolved? Many companies have not evolved their security architecture for this new cloud world, where applications are no longer sitting in the data center and users are no longer only working in the office.  Let us help you transform your security landscape with the latest innovative cloud technology to deliver a seamless secure working environment.

Security Advisor

  • Strategic IT Security Guidance
  • Network and Security Architecture and Design
  • Attack Surface Evaluation and Assessment
  • Zero Trust Guidelines and Roadmap
  • Security Risk Assessments and GAP analyses
  • Threats, Vulnerabilities & Controls Assessments
  • Identifying the Weak Points in Systems and Architecture
  • Advising on Effective Security Policies and Controls
  • Advising on Security Incident Handling and Countermeasures
  • Security Workshops and Training

Our Focus Areas

Helping you transform your security in a cloud world

Cloud Security

Helping companies navigate into the new cloud world, network and security architecture, future roadmap. Best security practise and implementation. Providing you an trusted advisor during the secure cloud transformation.

Black Cloud

 A completely new method of connecting your users to your important business applications securely without exposing them. Reducing the attack surface to prevent all security risk.

Zero Trust

Plan and build an Zero Trust roadmap to protect your employees and business against the advance attacks and growing ransomware attacks. Helping you achieve zero attack surface.

Secure Cloud Transformation

The internet is the new corporate network and the cloud is the new datacenter. How to transform your applications, network and security architecture into this cloud first world.

Contributor to this great book

A real-world narrative for building the future in a cloud-first world.  Secure Cloud Transformation tells how progressive enterprises employ direct, secure connectivity to scale for growth.

“The cloud is the greatest tech transformation of our time, and Secure Cloud Transformation documents the real-world narratives of progressive enterprise IT leaders.  It’s a must-read for anyone embarking on their own cloud journey”

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

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Articles and Blogs

Keep up to date with the Latest Emerging Technologies


The CIO Mandate for Secure Cloud Transformation

Join me and Nathan from Zscaler in this webinar The new way of work is remote, mobile-first, and cloud-based. Employees expect instant, secure access to applications, information, and resources. Meanwhile, threats proliferate, VPNs lag, hardware costs rise, and little is truly secure. Hub-and-spoke networks employing castle-and-moat security are no longer...Read More
Public Speaking,

Computer World Keynote BlackCloud

I will be the keynote speaker at this years Computer World Security Conference in Denmark, both Copenhagen and Aarhus, come along and find out how BlackCloud can protect the enterprise. January 28th in Aarhus at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Margrethepladsen 1 8000 Århus C January 30th in Copenhagen Clarion Hotel...Read More

My mission to reduce the Attack Surface.

I started this mission back in 2015, and now 5 years into it I am now more convinced than ever the mission is worth while and will continue to protect the enterprise far into the future. The most important and fundamental principle of the mission is securing your enterprise by...Read More

Black Cloud, how the internet is going dark

The number of open listening ports on the internet is around 185 million (https://census.io).  This means there is plenty of opportunity to exploit these open services, as it is now possible to scan the entire internet in under 1 hour for a particular port (service) (https://Zmap.io).  Can we somehow hide...Read More